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To start off, this is the first post I’m mirroring on the newly refreshed Plume instance on There was a long tale that went behind this, some lolz behind the scenes, usual kind of stuff.

Anyways, why we’re here, as it has been a while since I’ve last updated, I figured I’d confirm that I continue to exist. I think I caught something from somewhere as this week I’ve basically been on my back feeling like death and not just because of the great times funemployment provide. One of the risks of existing outside in society.

I have some other news which isn’t yet confirmed, I’m not banking on it until the ink is dry, so I’m not going to mention it. Just keep in mind that there are non-depressive things happening in silence behind the screen here.

One big thing is the fucking Impôts, so as I very much suspected they had gone insane on my tax rate. I basically paid my taxes by February in 2023 and since then they’ve been creaming far too much off of me. There is absolutely zero irony to the fact that this shit government has intentionally been making me starve while threatening me for 600€ of money they’ve had in their coffers all along.

I won’t see this refund until August if I remember correctly and what a fucking joke this is as because “this is not how the system works”, they’re making me pay 90€ a month until I get my refund to clear the rest of the debt off. This was the lowest amount they could offer, because also fuck you.

I’m sure I had something else to mention but I’m in that awake but very tired zone, so you get what you get.