Nearly a Month (also Fucking Firefox)

Hello Internet, it has been nearly a month since my last update.

Photo de Dan Freeman sur Unsplash

Hello Internet, it has been nearly a month since my last update. I have been busy and during that time, I have no idea what crack Firefox is smoking but it seems to be doing a lot of this, making just doing anything almost impossible

Anyways, what’s been happening, well that’s an easy thing to fill in

Other than that, I have become massively busy dealing with La France meurt au Travail, setting up my business activity, and doing a very unpaid project for a prospective employer. With all of this I’ve had absoloutely no time whatsoever to do my own thing, today being stuck at home waiting to get my delivery of overpriced shit from Bezos is the first time I’ve had to forcefully tell myself to stop and not start cracking on with my endless maybe-maybe-not paid projects.

Also because I lacked funds I didn’t have the chance to topup my account to cover a few months of my email setup with SpamExperts, so as soon as that didn’t get renewed my account was wiped and I had to start again from scratch with MXGuardDog the spam filter in the cloud and my ISP’s SMTP relay because free is the price tag of that, so email is a bit, um, lost some configs and maybe some addresses I forgot to import are bouncing. Also not so sure all my outbound emails are working as now I’m on retail limits. I also lost my Vonage account because also no money, and my electric bill is chasing me into an early grave as usual.

Anyways, I still exist, but for the moment I’ll be a little less able to post about things.