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I have been reconsidering moving my little archive back on to a shelf in my house, you know, modern economy problems and all of that. => /redacted/bas8dp.gmi I wrote a thing a while back about never being technically happy I’m still using Ouvaton for a few things, I still very much believe in that project, but I feel some of my use cases can be a little too out of the box for their platform and that I’m taking a bit too much of their time which is limited. I also have a bit of security conciousness to the New Internet(TM) and the nightmare an unpatched server running scripts can expose you to. I worked out a solution for a more self-contained hosting platform which will at least keep itself updated (you might be able to figure out which one if you poke around). Thankfully, the site is really low key usage and mainly static which works perfectly for my shit ADSL line. I’ve also been able to re-organise the internal mail server (technically more of a mail flinger) to cooperate with the new set-up. I did have to go back to the relay thing, but now my over all change to my inbound email is mainly encrypted and email addresses munged before it arrives to the external MX. I have also restarted hosting gemini content internally, which means I can start using the root level of my domains (no more www.oh.mg needed) and the domains that aren’t used for non-web reasons, unfortunately, get to go back on CloudFlare to knock down the server’s exposure to non-filtered channels. In terms of the om.gay domain I’ve really worked the DNS on that hard, the geo-DNS has been used to the max. Certain countries known for not so great laws or an abundance of bots are now redirected to a professional webhost, with for the most part, a nearly identical copy of the site. Either be it on the root or the www subdomain, I decided that those places aren’t that valuable for gemini or gopher content delivery. The www subdomain is still an option, I’m aware that the ping for this server can be real bad the further away you get, even within Europe it can be pretty bad. The CDN is presented for anywhere outside of Europe and if you’re within and have a shitty connection here, let me know where you’re based and I can do some country specific changes. The great thing about not being funnelled through the CDN is that updates are more live.