LiveJournal is 25: interesting facts about me and my blog

LiveJournal turns 25! We’re inviting everyone to celebrate the jubilee together by participating in the #LJ25 hashmob!

1. LJ appeared in April 1999, the year when I… was still kicking on AOL with my Mac Classic (System 7) and writing web pages by hand. I even did something like blogging using a news cgi script.

2. As a child, I wanted to become a… no particular idea, just kind of went for it

3. My favorite school subject was… French

4. The tune of my carefree youth is… C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train) by Quad City DJ’s

5. A book (or an author) that influenced me…

6. A city (or cities) I truly love… Oslo, Barcelona, and with disdain Paris

7. I started an LJ blog in June 2000 because I wanted… I came across another 24 hour web cammer (we were a thing back then) who had a LJ, thought it was cool and joined.

8. The catch phrase that nearest and dearest recognize me by… mais fuck

9. A movie I’m never tired to watch again…

10. When I was 25, I liked to… tweet and post photos

11. I can’t live a day without… writing bullshit online

12. An LJ post I’d like to recommend to everyone… my first one

13. I’m proud of… I dunno really, suriving many “once in a lifetime” events and not going insane ?

14. If I could give advice to myself from 1999, I’d… tell myself to register a one or two letter .com

15. My favorite LJ blog(s)… are all long gone

16. My favorite LJ community (-ies)… ljdrama, bad_service, antiavril

17. A dish (or a food product) I learned to like only as an adult… kimchi

18. Within these 25 years I’ve visited… Oslo, Brussels, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Toulouse, La Rochelle, London, Glasgow, Newcastle, Montréal (for like 5 panicked minutes), Winnipeg, and Ottawa

19. My favorite cure for sadness is… Burger King

20. If I didn’t have to work, I’d do… something creative with video

21. My superpower is… living with the eternal knowledge that I will never be in a position to own a home because my dumb ass was too busy being born rather than buying up houses in the 80s for three cents

22. A useful skill I’d like to teach younger generations is… revolutionary tendancies

23. If I could spend a day as an animal, that would be… cat, sleep in a box, eat, and sleep in more boxes

24. The way I’d like to grow old is… on the bones of the billionaires

25. I’m grateful to LJ for… all the people I met, the things I learned, and just generally giving me not only an outlet at the time to be myself online but also now be in the position to look back on those posts with a sense of cringe