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Von Neuman Devlog Ep 1

While I wrote some devlogs on things before this one is the first from my Strategy game (Von Neuman). I plan on making this a weekly entry with the current status. It wont always be long but it will engage people with the game and #bevy #rustlang #gamedev #gamedesign A lot of people want to show and write code but as it is a strategy game I find it is also important to actually sit and write things down. This week was one such week and I would like to elaborate a bit on the overall idea I have for the Gameplay.

Test un peu poussé de Garage

Configuration, migration, use-case et monitoring

Savor the Spice: A Curry Extravaganza

Indulge in Curry Bliss: A Flavorful Journey from Plant-Based Basics to Spicy Delights

One year of streaming

Doughballs in Quotation Marks

Legally speaking they are both composed of dough and in a ball form

Hardening à l'arrache

Gestion des DNS OVH via Terraform

Quelques commandes utiles

Bienvenue sur mon blog

A Cry for Help into The Void

I'm hitting brick wall after brick wall and I'm hoping the internet can help

What the Actual Fuck is This Rice

Looks like something yet tastes like nothing all at once !

Gouvernance chez les CHATONS : histoire, perspectives, et Constitution

Dans un contexte de désengagement de notre parent Framasoft, le collectif CHATONS doit apprendre à s'organiser _tout seul_. Or, on n'a jamais vu de chatons faire autre chose que manger, faire tomber des objets fragiles, se lécher le bas-ventre et se soulager sur nos tapis. Événement historique, donc, que celui où l'espèce féline escompte se doter d'un gouvernement ! On raconte, et on invite à l'Assemblée Constituante.